Principle Protected Investments


The principal protected investments, otherwise known as segregated funds, offer you multiple safeguards to protect your assets


Protection Against Loss of Principal


Our product provider guarantees they will return a minimum of 75% and up to a maximum of 100% of your initial investment after a specific period of time, typically 10 years.


Protection Against Creditors


Your investment is fully protected from your creditors under specific conditions.


Protection Against Untimely Death


The product provider guarantees at a minimum the IMMEDIATE return of at least 100% of your initial investment to your heirs regardless of the value of your investment at the time.


Other Benefits


Our Principal protected investments safely and legally bypass the probate procedure creating a simplified estate planning procedure.


Resets take it up a notch! When your principal protected 

investment moves up in value, you can reset your guarantees to lock in the gain giving you increased security.


The level of risk for your investments is easily determined by the opportunity to choose from multiple funds.

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